Monday, March 28, 2016

Bored with Blindspot

I've been trying to figure out why I am so bored watching Blindspot I will probably not bother watching the rest of its first season.  

Despite the almost equally ridiculous premise, I continue to enjoy The Blacklist.  

So, ridiculous premises aside, what continues to draw me to The Blacklist, but not to Blindspot?

I think it is the quality of the scripts and acting that are so very least the acting. Perhaps Blindspot will do some growing if it is renewed for a second season, but for now the acting just isn't very interesting.  The two main characters have only one level: extreme intensity. Every line, every situation is so intense and so very serious that it becomes terribly monotonous.  They are intense at work, they are intense at home, they are intense when interacting with each other, they are intense when they interact with the other characters.  Nary a laugh nor a giggle escapes their lips; nary a smile nor the vaguest of grins ever graces their facial muscles. The secondary characters hold far more appeal, but of course are present on screen far less often and for shorter lengths of time.

The writers and producers of The Blacklist have a far greater attraction built into their characters because of the humour and the sincere expression of emotions each episode.  Somehow the entire story line seems more plausible simply because the characters seem more real to least more real than the characters in Blindspot.

I am rarely tempted to stop watching a tv programme this close to the end of the season, but Blindspot is on again tonight and I don't even remember if I set it up to record.  In fact it began airing ten minutes ago and I haven't bothered to go and check the PVR to see if it is recording.  However, it seems like an age since the last new episode of The Blacklist and I have had the next new episode set up to record for several weeks all ready.

The acting matters, that is for sure.  The premise of a show can be interesting and the writing can be rather good, both of which are true for Blindspot, but the acting makes it or breaks it for me.  Lighten up Blindspot main characters, you daunting duo, lighten up!!

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