Thursday, March 17, 2016

Casey the Miracle Baby

From Casey's Mom and Dad and big brother:

"Casey will be doing short trials off of the mask today - taking baby steps towards breathing without support. Another nurse today marvelled at how far he has come and called him a 'miracle'. Thanking God for the work he has done and the many ways we have been upheld while here. We hope to be home by Easter weekend but we have learned not to put timelines on things ;) It has been very difficult to be away from Jameson for nearly 3 weeks now, but we are fortunate enough to see him for a 'play date' each morning thanks to our family's help. He loves to see Casey and asks about him constantly. Thank you for your continued prayers, many of you we do not know personally but you have all impacted us greatly with your love and support. God is good."

The report was accompanied by a photo of little Casey in his dad's arms at the hospital, no oxygen attached to his face.  He is smiling and looks incredibly content despite his ordeal.  I am not posting it because I don't know these people personally and don't want to invade their privacy beyond the requests for prayer, but take my word for it, he is adorable!!  His smile almost matches his daddy's for joy factor!

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