Monday, March 14, 2016

Casey's Next Request, etc.

Casey has done very well with his breathing but his heart rate has been jumping up and down. His throat is still quite irritated as well. He is so much better, but the heart rate is a concern. This little guy has spent nearly half his short life fighting through this viral problem. Poor little guy. He is only about 6 weeks old.

Eli is so much better but still very weak, so was planning to miss his class today to rest. A wonderful friend insisted on coming over the evening after his clinic visit and prepared him a fresh fruit plate and took care of him for a few hours so he wouldn't be alone. I LOVE this woman! haha For once Eli seems to understand the point of recovering completely before returning to work.

This morning I began my next level of physiotherapy exercises. O WOW....BRUTAL! I knew they would be. The disappointing thing is that the lack of rotation in that ankle is the biggest hindrance to two of the most important exercises for my thigh muscles. Sigh.... However, I am going to get my husband to build me a small stool with a lower riser than the stairs, so I can try to do the ones requiring me to step down with the good leg while keeping the heel of the bad leg up above flat on the stool. The one legged squat with the bad leg is also a problem because the ankle doesn't bend all the way forward. Well, I do enjoy a challenge with my physio, so.....

My husband has finally emerged from his room, just before noon, still in his "jammies", for brunch and a hot shower. He is taking full advantage of his day off. While he was enjoying his rest I was able to get to several different banks and the grocery store, do my physio and generally accomplish quite a lot. We are having a good day!

Also spent nearly an hour on the phone with an old friend who has just moved to a new town, into the first house she has been able to design herself. She is closer to her grandchildren, her husband has just retired, they are meeting new friends. It was such fun to hear all her great news. It also reminded me how much we miss seeing this couple we once saw nearly every day when we all lived in the same town. It is so great to still be in touch. We have so many wonderful friends....a blessing!

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