Thursday, March 3, 2016


Despite the seasonal weather for three days in a row, yesterday afternoon's warming trend seems to have awakened the most dreaded insects on the prairies, since as of yesterday, they have begun crawling out of their winter hiding places and springing themselves on us unsuspecting humans.  Brrrr.....yucko!!

Last night at the church we discovered literally thousands, maybe even millions of ants streaming out of the hot air vent in the women's washroom. Of course who would be one of the first to see them but myself, hater of ants of all kinds.  Brrrr.....yucko!!  Today someone from maintenance will be steaming over to the church with a mixture of borax and baking powder (baking soda? I can never remember) and put these little beggars out of their (0ur!) misery!

This morning as I was washing the dishes I had an excellent conversation with a friend via the telephone and had just completed the call when, before my very eyes (an inch from those very eyes actually) a black spider descended from the ceiling on a thin string of web, legs akimbo, looking like a miniature version of one of the fighter jets from the death star in the original Star Wars movies.  It shocked me so badly that I freaked out, started shrieking and darned near dropped the telephone into the dishwater. A series of fancy hand manoeuvres saved the phone from certain shorting out as I tried to get it placed properly onto the counter, while at the same time attempting to squash the miserably ugly spider, a small black hard shelled pebble with legs, between my overused to the point of being crunchy rubber gloves, before it swung itself onto my person or into my hair. Ugh!!!  Water splashing all over the floor from my gloves caused my flip flops to slip on the linoleum and I danced around batting uselessly at the spider, but I didn't fall down, thank the Lord!  At some point the spider disappeared upon contact with my gloves, but for the next ten or fifteen minutes I spent searching either for the spider or its deflated carcass, I could find no sign of it whatsoever. All I could see was that remaining string of webbing swinging about in the air above the sink.  I drained the sink water, removed all the dishes to the counter for rewashing, checked the drains, the surrounding countertop, all through the cutlery, all over myself using a large mirror AND and hand held mirror, brushing my hair out in every possible direction, shaking out my clothing....that is how much I detest the very possiblity of a spider touching me.  I  HATE SPIDERS!!!! I love what they do for the environment and how they eliminate other pesty bugs, BUT I prefer them to do it under my personal radar and keep themselves well hidden from view!!!!  I never did find any evidence of that spider and who knows where in the kitchen I succeeded in batting it off to, where it will continue to torment me with appearances on who knows how many future occasions.  

I guess all those old groundhogs were correct back in February that we would have an early spring out here on the prairies. The emerging population of insects seems to herald the spring each year in this province, where I have never ever seen such a variety of hideous spiders in my life.  Now I am upstairs sitting at my computer, shaking all over, skin crawling, scalp itching,  wondering where in the heck that spider disappeared to and how many more are lining up for the chance to scare me senseless over the coming weeks until they can all return to the great outdoors and leave me the heck alone!!!!

Eeeeuuuwwww...I HATE BUGS!!!!! 

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