Monday, March 21, 2016

Even Young People Have Their Bad Times!!

One of our teen readers' theater participants had a terrible week leading up to yesterday's service.  

On Wednesday he ate something at school that put him into an anaphalactic allergy reaction and he ended up in hospital despite the administration of his epi-pen.  

On Thursday something else triggered another anaphalactic reaction because the one the day before had been so severe and he ended up back in the hospital for adrenalin shots.

On Friday the science fair exhibition he was supposed to participate in went on without him because he wasn't healthy enough yet to travel to it.

On Saturday his hockey team lost their game and subsequently their play off hopes were dashed.

Sunday morning our young lad got up early to rehearse his lines for the readers' theater and wasn't that excited any more about reading Jesus' words.  His reason: "Mom, I had TWO allergic reactions this week, missed the science fair, didn't get to even play in my team's hockey game, we won't be in the play offs....and this morning......I GET CRUCIFIED!!"  

hahahaha I cracked up when his mom told me about their little conversation. hahahahahahaha  


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