Friday, March 25, 2016

Final Word For Team Casey =)

March 24th:
Well folks, this is the day we have been praying for! After 26 days here at Children's Hospital we will be going HOME with our sweet baby boy!
Casey the Brave has fought a hard battle, and there were many moments when this day seemed impossible. God has healed his little body and done a miraculous work in our lives, of that we are certain. What an incredible team of staff they have here at Children's Hospital. As Dave has said many times this month, "This is the best place that you never want to be." We are so fortunate to have the best care available, and we are forever grateful for those that worked with Casey over our delicate few weeks in the ICU. One blessing through all of this has been the prayers, love and support given to us by all of you, thank you all so very much.

With humble hearts and immense gratitude,
David, Whitney, Jameson & Casey

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