Friday, March 4, 2016

Fun 'n' Frolic

I completed my self-assigned daily cleaning chores for today and feel so "rewarded" by what happened next.  

A friend from Moose Jaw called to say she was in the mood for some frolicking and if I was available she would drive into Regina.  I am always available for frolicking with friends, so of course I agreed!

It was my first foray outside without my cane, a pathway through the ice between our place and the parking lot having opened up in the past day or two.  So that was an extra event to rejoice over.

We first went to see a wonderful Maggie Smith movie: "The Lady in the Van".  O how we enjoyed it!  The writing is superb and the acting...well it couldn't have been better cast.  It was the most entertaining two hours I have had in a long time.  The story was interesting and it certainly brought out the fact that older people have the right to the dignity of choice in how they live their elderly years.  What a great film!  It was dramatic and also hilarious!

Then we headed over to India Palace for buffet dinner.  It was delicious as always.  There is not a lot of variety from day to day in the dishes they present, but the strength of that is you always know what you are going to have and how delicious it is going to be.  We over ate.  YUMMY!!

My friend wanted to purchase some items at Jysk for her newly renovated kitchen, so that was our final stop.  I was starting to limp in a rather pronounced fashion as my leg was getting tired, but I made the trip around the store quite successfully.  Today was the longest walk with zero assistance from my cane since I had my fall.  The freedom felt absolutely fantastic!  I walked carefully  around the potholes in the various parking lots and my friend was ready to pounce if she thought I was in any danger of falling.  She found everything she needed as we shopped and then she drove me home, where my husband and I watched The Amazing Race together.  He enjoyed the dinner I left all prepared for him, so I felt good about that.

In the mail today came Revenue Canada's approval of my husband's tax free housing allowance portion of his income.  Although there would be little chance it would not be approved, the notice was very late arriving and a person mentally "holds their breath" each year while waiting.  What a relief!  

So,  a good day all in all...a little work, a little play.  Now a little sleep so the work portion of the schedule can begin again tomorrow for us both.

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