Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Getting My Diet Back on Track

A weekend run in with the most delicious banana coconut loaf ever baked took its toll on me I have to admit.  My sleep at night was interrupted by  mild heartburn just from the few slices I actually consumed over the course of 3 days...that is how little refined sugar I am ingesting any more. The slightest bit extra and my entire body goes into overdrive afterward.

So for the past couple of days I have been repenting of my dessert sin!  A friend and I went out for lunch today and I had a massive Caesar salad with a very light coating of dressing at Breakfast Bistro.  These giant salads are filled with sliced bits of apple and pumpkin seeds and thinly shaved cheese shards...not too much cheese, just enough to know it is there to add to the flavour.  I admit I did eat almost all of it.  I was looking at the last few mouthfuls, wondering if I dared to finish eating them when my friend picked up her own  plate, now free of two huge slices of French toast, slathered in whipping cream, butter and syrup and with only a few chunks of roasted potatoes left on the side, placed her plate overtop of my own and told me I was done!!  I think I shocked her by how much salad I was able to finish, and at my (badly) habitual lightning speed. hahahaha.  

I was still so full at dinnertime that I ate a mini-pita with some chicken and veggies on it and called it a meal. 

I never used to eat salads, couldn't stand them in fact. Now I almost crave them and eat some kind of salad nearly every day, usually at dinner.  A salad added into a higher carb and protein meal makes you feel light and healthy as you push away from the table afterward. Some oil and vinegar on the salad helps with digestion and adds some of the HDL cholesterol to assist in "pushing out" those miserables LDL's.  

Here's to creative, delicious salads!

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