Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Great Visit, Mediocre Meal

Had a really nice visit today over lunch and a diet cola with a friend from church.  We haven't had time to get together for a long time, so it was special to have such a good talk today.

The meal however was pretty mediocre and overpriced.  We decided to try out Mr. Mike's. Maybe I was just jaded after my surprisingly good meal at Chop last night, but I wasn't impressed today.  We both had the chicken quesadillas. The plating was lovely, but the quesadillas had more overly crispy crust around the edges than they had chicken and peppers etc. inside them.  They were most disappointing. I noticed my friend left the dried edges of each wrap slice on the side of her plate, so it wasn't just me.  There wasn't enough chicken inside to rate calling them chicken quesadillas and several of the little slices in mine were so grisly I had to spit them out. Yecch!!

I have to say though that the guacamole was fantastic, the best I have had in a long time.  It cost nearly two dollars extra to have a tablespoon or two at most, but it was delicious with large chunks of avocado and a lovely flavour. It was not borderline sour in flavour like some guacamoles seem to be.  That little bit of green was the best part of the meal, that is for sure. The salad was okay, lots of it, but so drenched in dressing it was difficult to taste the nice mix of leaves and carrots and pumpkin seeds.  It also had cranberries sprinkled on the top, which I don't care for but are easy enough to put to the side.  I really detest spending that much on a lunch that was not really up to snuff, but such is life.

In the end it was all about a cheery visit on an overcast day that produced a couple of centimeters of snow that still grace the grounds.  Even now there are huge snowflakes drifting lazily  down from a bank of clouds that are allowing the sun to shine through a bit as this afternoon comes to an end.

It has been a good day.  Now, I think I am on my way out to the church for the Lenten soup and bun meal and the beautiful sung service.  Having the car unexpectedly is a great  bonus. I got my errands run before lunch that I will now not have to do tomorrow when I would rather be cleaning house. Such unexpected treats are what happens when my husband goes flying out the door on foot earlier than expected for work because he has his calendar weeks mixed up and suddenly realizes he has a different set of meetings than he thought he had when he woke up in the morning. tee hee.... 

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