Thursday, March 17, 2016

Grey Grey Go Away

We are into our second day of grey skies and the occasional flurry of snow. There is very little of yesterday's snow still on the ground, so that is encouraging, but o how I wish the sun would come out.

I am so grateful that another warming trend is on the way for the weekend. Spring is nearly upon us after an amazingly dry and relatively warm winter.

Such a funny time of year. When I went to the post office yesterday at 9am I had to wear snow boots. By the time I left for lunch at 11:30am the sidewalks were dry enough again to put on a pair of shoes instead. When I attended our final Lenten dinner and worship service in the evening I had to exchange my spring jacket for a full length wool coat. My winter sweaters are too warm to wear by mid morning, but it is cooling off too quickly by late afternoon to wear spring blouses. Winter coats are appropriate for going out at either "end" of the day, but to leave the house mid day now requires not much more than a light sweater, or even bare arms if the sun is shining.

Holy Week is nearly upon us....a time of praise to and for the Creator of the universe, the author of our salvation. What a perfect way to welcome the spring.

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