Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Happy Walking Today!

Marked a small milestone this morning.  My husband dropped me off at the neighbourhood grocery earlier this morning as I needed a prescription from the pharmacy department. He continued on to work, I picked up the prescription and a few groceries, then walked the three blocks home. It was my first outdoor walk, alone, of more than half a block since my fall last September 4th. Yay! All other walks of similar length were in the populated and smooth floored safety of shopping malls.

Okay, I admit I did take my cane with me for emotional security, but I didn't put any weight on it so it was more of a nuisance than a help.

It is time now, weather permitting, to start taking longer walks, sans cane, to accomplish some more leg muscle strengthening and restore my confidence,

Apart from some swelling of my bad ankle, which is also going to have to get used to more exercise once again, it was a successful venture. Thank you Lord, I/we did it.

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chris e. said...

Congratulations!!! I can sure understand what a feeling of victory this is for you. Three blocks is a long way when you are recovering from an injury. And to do it without the possibility of an easy bail out...that takes real courage. Hats and hairpins off to you! I admire your stick-to-it-iveness.