Saturday, March 5, 2016

Has Spring Sprung???

It is not even noon yet and the temperature outside is a balmy +5C!!  YIPPEE!!!  By this afternoon we could be feeling the effects of a +12C temperature!  I am delighted!!  The rest of the ice between our back door and the car parking will melt and dry up if we can maintain this wondrous weather for another day or two.  The lake across the street has sufficient open water all ready that the returning geese have flown over us and headed straight to the water without landing on our back lawn. (But those owls are still going up on our deck, just in case!)

It is a glorious day.  I am inspired to hurry with the rest of my cleaning project so I can get out there and experience the warmer air and the blessed sunshine this afternoon.  Not that I have anywhere I need to go, but I can drag a chair out on the tiny deck in the back and enjoy some fresh air ahead of the arrival of the flies and mosquitoes.  As long as I maintain a vigilant spider watch it should be great!


Okay, back to work in hopes of my outdoor reward to myself!

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