Wednesday, March 2, 2016

How Do You Spell "Freedom"? P-U-B-L-I-C--T-R-A-N-S-P-O-R-T!

I don't remember the last time I enjoyed so much getting out on a decently warm day and riding a transit bus!  Oooh, what a great feeling to not be dependent on driving the car or waiting for a ride to get somewhere!!  It has been 6 months!!  Today I finally escaped completely on my own for a haircut and a delicious and inexpensive salad downtown.  What a fantastic feeling, I must say.

The hair cut is a good one and it was fun catching up with my hairdresser and her most interesting life.  The Zam Zam Wrap's salad was fabulous as always and knowing I had no time limit to be home or to have to meet up with someone so I wouldn't miss my ride was a super feeling....getting back to normal at last. Whew!

I took my cane because of the distance involved walking around Cornwall Centre, but actually it has become more of a liability than an aid.  As long as there is no ice and no truly rough terrain to cross, I think shopping trips can be done without it now.  If my leg gets tired in a mall or a centre full of big box stores there is always a place to sit down somewhere for a rest if I need to.  I left the stupid cane at the hair dresser's and had to return for it a minute later; I left it hanging off the edge of the table out in the mall where I ate my salad and was most fortunate that it was still there when I realized I didn't have it. That mall is crawling with "interesting" folk, one of who would probably have taken it if anyone had noticed it hanging there.  It took me the better part of 5 minutes and a walk half the mall away before I remembered I'd brought it with me. Thank you Lord that no one took it before I got back to the food court. Whew again!! I arrived home right at noon after having some good fun....AND although I looked in every clothing retail store I bought zero items.  There are some lovely clothes coming out this spring but I don't need anything at the moment, probably won't for another year or two, nothing jumped out at me insisting to be purchased and I came away from the mall with 6 new table placemats I DO need that I got on clearance for 72 cents each and a $7 china serving bowl the perfect size to replace the one from Japan that I broke on our move here.  It is plain white and not very exciting, but it is the right size and price.  That is the end of my extras for this month.  I had to throw away my blue placemats a couple of weeks ago because the food and salad oil stains will no longer come out, even with bleach.  The replacement mats are lovely and will go well with my good dinner dishes.  The dish I have been saving bus fare in has been filled to overflowing since before Christmas so I was glad to use up some of that change today.

My husband is preaching again tonight at the Lenten service and may have to go early for the soup and bun dinner served beforehand.  We hired the catering company that rents our church kitchen space part time to do the meal, but forgot to hire them to also set the tables and wash the dishes afterward.....the whole reason we hired them was so that the people attending the service would have to do none of those things and would be free to do what they need to do for the service, but somehow in the negotiations it was left out. hahahahaha  Too funny!!  I am just deciding if I will attend tonight. For one reason and another I have not yet attended any of those services and really should put in an appearance before they end three weeks from now.  It sounds like a lovely prayer service that the 3 churches put together for this annual jointly attended series.

The rest of the week and the weekend are stretching out before me with no plans as yet, other than the same old same old house work and chores.  I am finding Saturdays much easier to deal with, since my husband started working every Saturday, now that I have moved housecleaning to that day.  There is a women's leadership conference at the Moose Jaw church this Saturday that I was invited to, but I don't feel the oomph in my spirit from The Spirit that I need to be doing any more leading in the church at this stage of life and ministry. I have enough to do ministry-wise without taking on any more formal positions anywhere.  In our last posting I got to like this sort of rolling with the punches as they come along type of ministry.  It is so nice to actually be available for prayer times in person or over the phone or via internet when people are in desperate need and request prayer RIGHT NOW!! due to the urgency of their particular situation.

My first round of physio for the day has been done and now I need to go see what I might be able to scrounge up for dinner later if it turns out either or both of us do not end up eating at the church tonight.

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