Friday, March 18, 2016

Is March Going Out Like a Lion?

It certainly came in like a lamb, so if the old adage is true.......

Between last evening and this morning we gained at least three centimetres of snow on the ground, the second deepest ground cover this winter, so that tells me how little snow we've had this season. It is icy underfoot and on the city streets and local highways, although a large volume of traffic should wear it off on the main roads.

It is -7C with a predicted daytime high of -2C and the wind cuts through my winter coat like a knife. Brrrrrrrr.....  I am not complaining about this taste of winter. There has been a tremendous amount of illness going around due to the warmer temperatures. I miss the -20/-30C weeks because the cold destroys many of the bacteria and viruses that lurk about in mild winters like this one. I feel most blessed to have had only one short lived bout of dizziness and exhaustion.

Last evening as the small storm hit, we were enjoying a delicious Irish stew dinner with parishioners. What a welcoming group of people with so many fascinating life stories. Along with the stew there was a tray of delicious baking powder biscuits, whole wheat bread and soda bread. There were plates of triscuits and melba toast and fresh green veggies with dill dips, coleslaw, and a dessert selection of pistachio square, key lime tarts slathered in meringue and sugar cookies dyed green and shaped like shamrocks. The food was so tasty and the fellowship sweet. Our hosts went to a lot of work cooking, baking and decorating the house and themselves in St. Patrick Day themed plaques and banners, hats, scarves and ties, green dyed carnations, and wreaths. What fun!

I was able to spend an uninterrupted afternoon yesterday cleaning the suite for a lunch guest coming today. One more chore to complete, then my physio, plus some food preparation and I will be ready for my friend.

The only disappointment of the day is that I will not be able to attend a funeral in Moose Jaw later this afternoon. It is too cold and the highway conditions too "iffy" to risk taking our old car out alone. I don't enjoy breakdowns when the wind is so biting. Having waited beside many a highway for tow trucks and mechanics in times past, I KNOW I am not in the mood to risk it today. We are currently researching used vehicles for a spring purchase. Here's hoping for a good one!

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