Monday, March 7, 2016

It Truly Must Be Spring All Ready!

Yesterday was the most glorious Sunday for weather we have had in months.  The temperature was up to about +12C, the last bits of snow and ice are nearly completely melted away, even in the darkest corners under the trees, the sun shone brightly all day....I went to church with a spring coat over a sleeveless top and was still so warm in the service I had to shed the coat.  Looking back over the past few weeks of blog posts I think I may suffer a bit from seasonal depression.  My goodness I was negative and worried about a lot of things during the weeks where the skies remained grey for days at a time.

Instead of having our coffee time downstairs after church yesterday, we agreed to set up coffee and snacks upstairs in the shared foyer so the Lutheran congregation could have their monthly pot luck lunch.  It was fun for a change. The accoustics are certainly better, although it was a bit chilly with the north facing doors wide open to admit the congregants of the United Church whose service starts about a half hour after ours ends.  It was kind of interesting having our coffee time with people from the other two congregations wandering through, standing between our tables to chat to each other as if we weren't there.  haha

After church my husband admitted to a craving for sushi, so we returned to Miso Japanese "all you can eat" restaurant.  It was okay.  Not a patch on Hanabi's delicious fare and rather overpriced, BUT on the positive side the sushi itself was rather good and my husband filled out the order menu all three times that customers are allowed to do so.  The portions are tiny and there are written warnings everywhere not to take more food than you can consume, the threat of paying an extra dollar and fifty cents for each portion left behind hanging over your head, haha.  The tempura was the most disappointing.  It was not fresh and crispy.  The batter was overcooked, more of a light coating of gummy armor than a crunchy, sparkly treat.  Instead of that lovely popping sensation of the batter in my mouth, it was more of a "sog". The veggies inside were good though. The shrimp tasted as though it hadn't been properly cleaned so I didn't finish eating that one...since I had at least made an attempt I wasn't charged the extra money for leaving the rest of it behind. haha  There have been a number of wedding buffets lately that I wish had given the same warnings about people taking more than they could eat from the buffet tables.  Seeing heaping platesful of food being taken to tables and then seeing half of it ending up going to the garbage while the last few tables of guests went hungry really made my blood boil.  People are so rude and selfish at such affairs.  Yup, they need to have the staff of Miso in charge of regulating wedding buffet tables. That would fix the gluttons in the group, hahahaha.

I spent the afternoon preparing a bit of a fish dinner for some company. Another priest and his wife came over to share it with us.  We have decided that such a Sunday evening visit should happen with some regularity.  We have done it before and now after our second attempt we realize what a good thing it is for all four of us to meet.  Dinner is fairly early as the wife of the other clergyman has to be at choir practise by 7pm. So it is a simple supper and a quick visit together...enough time to debrief about ministry and life, some good fellowship over the food and then an early departure so both priests can have time alone in their own homes to rest after a typically crazy Sunday schedule.  Yes, this could become a wonderful tradition!!

Today it is overcast again, a 90% chance of rain is predicted for this afternoon.  As the temperature will drop to -2C overnight I am guessing we will be ensconced in a coating of ice by tomorrow morning, with a predicted high of only +2C. Again, that is typical early spring weather.  I will go out later this morning and get my weekly load of groceries in case neither of us can get out tomorrow.  My husband is going to put up the owls today and fix a short in a bedroom light switch. I will arrange a time with the bottle depot to clear our basement floor of many bags of recyclables.  Those are the only chores we have to complete for sure over the next two days, so my husband should be able to get some good rest times in.

Just because spring is here so very early, I feel more prepared to stare at the ugly brownness of everything outdoors without feeling hard done by this year.  Yay spring!

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