Thursday, March 31, 2016

Just a Nice Normal Sort of Day

There is so much that happens in our lives every day that I am not able to share with anyone...crazy things associated with work and family and health.  So, my blog is not always interesting to read because of all I have to leave out.

Today though was a lovely, normal kind of day filled with errands, a bit of dinner out together with my husband, taking advantage of the advance election polls and discovering a well stocked little library branch a few blocks from our home that we explored this evening.  I even had a nap this afternoon...which is why, when I awoke in a panic just before my husband got home from work, we ended up going out for dinner.  Hmmmm....wonder how often I could get away with that impressive trick!??! 

I appreciated this day.  There were no issues, no clashes, no bad news, no fears, no mistakes, no scary health "stuff".  It was one terrific definition of normal happened today.

Thank you Lord!

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