Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Lenten Service

This evening I went to the Lenten service for the first time this season.  They use the Holden Lenten Service and o is just LOVELY!!!!  The musical leader is so accomplished and yet able to NOT make his leadership in the songs the centre of attention.  His singing was humble and beautiful and when we joined him in the parts for the entire congregation we felt so uplifed.  It is the same music each week and I can't wait to go again next Wednesday night and do it all again.  

Tonight's homily was about Mary and we sang a few lines of the Magnificat.  While the homily was being given 16 icons of Mary and Jesus scrolled through on the powerpoint screen. The icons were collected from different centuries and cultures. Since the homily was prepared and presented by our own deacon, she is going to show them again in our Sunday service where there is more time to explain some of the artistic and cultural differences between the icons.  Should be very interesting.

The entire service was a serene service of musical meditation that lasted less than 25 much spiritual beauty packed into that short time.  

I really enjoyed it and am so grateful I was well enough and sufficiently free of frantic worry about my parents to go and just enjoy the evening.

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