Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Maybe the Owls Are Working??

My husband got both owl statues attached to our back deck railing today.  He became very motivated when a mating couple of geese arrived on the back lawn to take a drink from the large puddle that still adorns our pathway to the parking lot.  He got the first statue up while they were around the front of the building and when they returned to the back area they stood and looked in the direction of the owl, then toddled hurriedly across the parking lot around to the front of the building opposite ours.  Awhile later a second and third couple showed up.  As soon as they were out of sight my husband put up the second statue.  Both couples returned a few minutes later but disappeared quickly.  In the past 3 hours we have had no more geese waddling past, so MAYBE the owls will work.  How I hope and pray their presence successfully sends the lovely but poopy geese across the street to the park and the lake for the rest of the spring, summer and autumn seasons!!!!  Guess time will tell........if it doesn't work, well at least for once we actually have some kind of decorative statues up on the back deck.  Usually our outdoor space is pretty nude....not even a teensy weensy flower pot adorns the deck.  We are not the decorating sort I guess.

Took most of our bottles and cans into the depot this morning. There is one bag left over we couldn't squeeze into our vehicle so it will be "seed money" for the next go round.  Hopefully we can wait the better part of another year before we go back.  I detest going to the bottle depot.  It is grubby and crowded and I feel like we are disturbing the employees by making them take care of our recycling.  I can't describe why that is, but I am most uncomfortable every time I go to such a place. I don't care one whit if the count has been done properly, if I am out a few dollars I should have received based on however many pieces I have delivered to the depot. My mother on the other hand, loves to take in her recyclables, has every single piece counted and knows exactly how many cents per piece she is supposed to receive from the cashier.  If the total is out by even 5 cents my mother lets everyone in the place know about it and departs in high dudgeon with whatever money she has received...most often with the amount she felt she should have had in the first place because she knows how to guilt them into giving her the full price!  I prefer to take what I can get and slink out the door back to my vehicle and head home for a shower.  I cannot seem to return anything to the depot without covering my pants in brown dust and finding sticky pop from the indoor puddles on the bottom of my shoes.  

After we received our money we took it over to the Italian grocery so we could purchase some reasonably priced bulk olive oil and some lavender infused balsamic vinegar.  We are crazy about balsamic vinegars on our salads, green beans and brussels sprouts.  Thank you Doug Reichel Wine Marketing for bringing in Rozendal balsamic vinegars from South Africa.  They are worth every penny of the cost.

From there it was off to Bulk Barn for fresh walnuts for my husband's new diet.  As high in fat as they are, they are high in the better fats that work against high triglycerides apparently. At least that is what my husband tells me and I am going to just choose to believe him as the poor man has cut his diet back so severely and made so many changes, surely he can enjoy a larger handful of walnuts a couple of times a week, right?  I refuse to check his research, I refuse, I refuse!

For the rest of the day we are just laying back, relaxing.  My husband is watching an old movie he recorded recently while I blog and play a favourite video game.  I am also reading the first book in a wonderful series my husband's sister put us onto by Tarquin Hall about an Indian detective named Vish Puri.  This first book is titled, "The Case of the Missing Servant". I am about a third of the way through it and it is such fun to read I am all ready looking forward to book number two.  My husband's sister told me to read the dialogue with a Hindi accent floating through my head and how that does add to the fun of the read.  The writing is excellent, the dialogue between characters is witty, Vish Puri is a multi-layered character that keeps me giggling constantly....this is going to be such a great series to enjoy. My husband is nearly finished reading a long and complicated philosophical text and so I will get him started on this fiction series as soon as possible.  It will be most relaxing and fun for an evening read after the serious philosophy he has been wading through the past few weeks at bedtime.

It isn't overly warm or sunny today, but still it feels like spring more than winter.  The puddles in the back of the suite are nearly dried up and I notice the outdoor staff has been buffing up the lawns across the parking lot, where it is all ready dry, with a big spiky pad attached to the front of a large bobcat.  Next will be aerating and then the spring application of fertilizer. Hopefully there will be a liberal application of grass seed in the front of the building where the removal of two large, dead trees in the autumn left huge muddy patches that need filling in with grass. I am hoping most of the caterpillars we were inundated with last spring and summer will have moved on elsewhere this year, although there are still a few strong cocoons up under my bedroom eavestroughing we couldn't reach to remove before winter arrived.

Ah, I see a break in the clouds where the sun is shining on brilliant blue sky.  It is lovely to behold.  It may be fleeting so I am going to go stand out on the back deck, between my new buddies, the owls, so I can enjoy the outdoors before the sun retreats and the clouds take over once again.

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