Thursday, March 10, 2016

Mayhap I Spoke Too Soon!

Had a bit of fun with the geese since my last post about them.   I talked to a fellow who works at one of the local hunting supply places and he explained the absurd posturing of the male goose yesterday morning as being a way of trying to frighten the owls into leaving himself and his mate alone.  He told me not to give up so quickly on the owl statues.  So, yesterday afternoon when the couple reappeared traipsing across our part of the lawn, the male doing his usual neck whipping, tailfeather shaking routine, squawking at the top of his lungs, I opened the kitchen window and made the best "whoo, whoo, whooooo" sound I could make, the poor goose stood stock still, nudged his mate and they very quickly departed.  They did not return this morning for their morning drink and feed from the puddles outside our back door.  POSSIBLY they have been sufficiently frightened off.  A few minutes ago I noticed what could be the same pair standing to drink in a puddle several doors to the north of us, but they made no attempt to come this way. The other two pair who were here several days ago have not returned since that afternoon, and I realize now that the males were doing similar posturing in the direction of the owls when they were here that day.  The retail hunter fellow assured me the owls would at least greatly reduce the number of geese who choose to land on our part of the complex.  So....the jury is still out, but at least there is only a tiny bit of new shat on the ground near our steps. Even that is a tremendous improvement.  Now we just have to wait for the ground to dry completely so we can find a rake and pick up the piles of leftover poo from last autumn.  It is so thick on the ground as to be almost impossible to avoid when walking between here and the car, no matter how careful we are in picking our way through.  YECCH!!!

I hate putting the run on such beautiful birds, but it has to be done for the sake of health and hygiene at a property where the hygiene aspect of living is all ready somewhat suspect.

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