Wednesday, March 9, 2016

My Son Could Use a Bit of Prayer as Well

This blog has turned into a prayer chain of late, but can you handle just one more request this week?

My son Eli is struggling with a very bad cold...the first since he nearly died 3 years ago from severe pneumonia.  He has lived in fear ever since of developing any sort of fever that causes hallucinations. The mental fogginess when he was so ill caused him to unthinkingly attempt to warm his suite by leaving the door to his gas oven open. First he could have died from carbon monoxide gas that leaked into his place, then he risked blowing up the entire boarding house. was a very bad scene.  Finally a friend came to check up on him because no one had seen him in two weeks. The friend took him to the hospital and he eventually recovered.  I am praying that besides NOT developing severe fevers and pneumonia again that he will also NOT be afraid to ask for help if he needs it this time around.  He is too much like me:  ME DO IT MYSELF sort of mentality, a feeling of the universe insulting us if we need help with anything at all in life.  Not good.  Anyway, thanks for shooting up a prayer that this cold won't turn into anything more serious. Of course it hit him just as he is as busy as he could ever be trying to complete the set up at the OR Gallery for their aboriginal seminar weekend.  Aaaarghh...'twas ever thus, right?

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