Saturday, March 12, 2016

Now I Know What a Troas Dinner Is All About

Last night I genuinely enjoyed a time of fellowship and a meal and a teaching and a Eucharist with others from the Anglican churches in our city.  It was a grand evening, but now I understand why it was called a "Troas dinner"!!

The name came from the place called Troas where the Apostle Paul  met with the local believers. The discussion and teaching went on for such a long time that a young fellow named Lutychus, who was sitting on the window ledge, fell asleep and fell out of the window to the ground. The story is in the New Testament book of Acts, Chapter 20, verses 1-5.

The application of "Troas" in our meeting is that Bishop Rob delivered a large portion of a 20 page paper he has written about biblical evangelism and church growth.  He managed to cut a two hour presentation to just under 90 minutes, haha, but I hope between the delicious meal of lentil soup and barley salad with pitas and naan bread, a long Eucharist with every verse of 6 hymns sung plus an extra added Taize number, plus a question and answer period, his message was not lost due to the exhaustion of the participants.  I would love to see him present his paper to a much wider audience....on a Saturday, with the presentation split into two sessions with the meal in between as a lunch.  I hope that will be possible in the future.  I had one lady on each side of me who spent a good half hour sleeping in the midst of the presentation, which was most unfortunate and I could see two more elderly souls having a magnificent nap throughout the evening.  The paper is marvellous and if his ideas are taken seriously they could seriously revolutionize our dying churches.  If we can give up our spiritual laziness as congregations and as individuals, great things could happen for the Kingdom of God.

He gave me many things to think about in terms of what I personally need to be doing to connect with more of the people around me who do not know Jesus at all, some of whom may be spiritually hungry, but not knowing anyone with beliefs about which they could ask questions.

It was an excellent presentation and all I can do is pray that all of us who heard it can take it to heart and act upon whatever God asks us to do about it as we pray it through.

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