Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Off the Mailing List!!

In addition to several otherwise honourable groups who raise funds for worthy causes, I have once again requested my name be taken off a mailing list. This time it is the Cancer Research Society.

I was terribly disappointed to receive in today's mail a large envelope from this group that was stuffed full of poor quality birthday cards, more than I could use in three years, even I wanted to use them. There was a cheap pen and four loose sheets of phone pad paper. Sigh.....

It seems I never learn to stop sending donations to fund raising groups whose causes I do believe in.

This time I have finally made the decision. I am finished with donations to good causes. My church will now be the recipient of the extra donations I have been giving other groups. My church does not use my donations to purchase crappy cards and pens, decorative phone pads and stickers.

Enough is enough! A big SORRY to the other groups, but that is the end of my giving to your most noble of causes.

And yes, I AM keeping the crappy cards, pens  and what have you. Why not return them, despite the mailing costs to further make my point? I am keeping them simply because I obviously paid for the stupid things. Although I am unlikely to use any of those items, these shysters are not getting my apparently wasted donation AND their stuff back to pass onto some other innocent dupe!

'Nuff said!

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