Sunday, March 20, 2016

Pre-Birthday Celebration!

Since my husband will be up to his ears in church services on his birthday Good Friday, has Holy Week services all that weekend to prevent personal celebrations, plus is going out "with the guys" for beer and burgers tomorrow evening, we decided to celebrate his birthday even earlier than originally planned and go out for a lovely lunch today.  Yum!!

Maybe it just tasted more delicious than usual because the Palm Passion Sunday service went so incredibly well this morning, but we opted for Original Joe's for our meal and it really was a tasty treat.  My fish tacos were just as great as I remember them being from times past and my husband was delighted with his applewood salmon, accompanied by a very filling quinoa salad and a spicy good tomato garlic bisque.  Original Joe's has pretty good meals as a rule, but today in particular the food seemed especially "en pointe".  I am sure my own meal was as good as his was, but I was very wrapped up in his enjoyment. haha  He has been so good about sticking to his diet, perhaps that is why today's "cheat" seemed so fantastic, haha.  Anyway it was a good time all around before he went back to work at the office for the rest of the day.

All our teenaged readers remembered to come early for the readers' theatre rehearsal this morning before church.  They did so very well today, we are proud of them. They worked hard on the pronunciation of some of the more difficult words in the text and there were no problems at all.  One of our readers is also excellent on trumpet and accompanied our recessional hymn.  What a treat! She will be playing again next week at the Easter Sunday service.  I found it most interesting this morning that every one of the teens expressed an interest in coming to services much more often, but that their parents are the ones with other committments, or wanting to sleep in and none of the kids are quite old enough yet to drive themselves to church. see how keen they are and to know that they all live so far from us that we can't even do a swing by their places to pick them up on Sunday mornings....aaaargh!!!  Come on moms and dads.  Your younger teens are still spiritually keen.  Find a way to get them to services Sunday mornings. My husband and I are going to locate other parishioners in their areas of the city and see if we can put some rides together for the future.  

The palm waving procession around the church was a lot of fun this year because all the parishioners and even some visitors, were so very excited to do it.  My husband's enthusiasm on Sunday mornings is not easy to ignore and today he was very excited about having so many young people to assist.  He scrapped his short homily at the last minute.  The scriptures that were read by the readers' theatre group were so rich and they spoke for themselves.  No interpretation was needed.  Bless him....he is certainly not one of those preachers who is enamoured of the sound of his own voice, that is for sure.   His restraint in giving up sermons and other speeches that he has laboured over in order to be more in tune with how the Holy Spirit seems to be trying to lead at any given time is, to me, a mark of his good character.

So, his birthday treat is taken care of and now we have to figure out the best way to celebrate our 39th anniversary that occurs on Saturday. With an Easter Vigil to attend that evening, the annual Easter Sunday extravaganza the next morning, following the other extra Holy Week services he is doing, my husband will not be able to take me out for any celebrating on "the day".  Easter Monday a lot of places here are closed and he has to give up his regular Tuesday off for a finance meeting.  The following weekend is marked by other weekend meetings that will take up a lot of time and preparation energy, and he doesn't have his Monday or Tuesday off that next week because the auditors are coming to the Synod Office.  One of his tasks tomorrow on his day off is to figure out how best to move his days off the subsequent 2 weeks so he doesn't miss any and end up burnt out now that he doesn't get the 5 days off after Easter services that the full time priests get. The next 3 weeks are absolutely crazy and then days off and life in general will get back to least as normal as they ever are. haha

It is a beautiful warm, sunny day today.  After I dropped my husband back at work for the afternoon I took a little drive to do some errands that could have waited until tomorrow morning, except that I remembered...thankfully...that I have an ECG in the morning and I am not going to miss that!  I am grateful it happens right at my doctor's clinic and if any problems or issues are seen on the ECG she will be right there to share them with waiting!  After being previously in a little tiny town where waiting 2 weeks for results of ECGs and other hospital tests was the norm, this is quite a blessing!

I am hoping we can attend a Bach chorale tonight. A good friend is in the choir and it is such beautiful, detailed, deep music and lyrics.  It would cap off our first day of Holy Week very nicely.

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