Sunday, March 13, 2016

Pride Goeth Before a Rude Awakening!

I am proud to live in a province that has stubbornly refused to adopt Daylight Saving Time. Just yesterday I was bragging to anyone who had the misfortune to be listening to me how delighted I am not to have to to fiddle around changing clocks for no real reason. I twitted family and friends alike about the hour of sleep they would lose last night during the switchover, while I would be peacefully aslumber as usual. Aaahhhh....yay Saskatchewan and yay me!

Yah right! The rest of the province may not have jumped ahead an hour at 2am, but someone forgot to remove the automated switchover feature from my husband's cell phone alarm programme. Sigh....

We were up until after midnight due to my husband's late arrival home from Swift Current, so we gave ourselves an extra hour to sleep in, setting the alarm for 7:30am. So, promptly at 6:30am the alarm rang. Goose poop!!

All that bragging and prideful speech, all for naught. We lost an hour of sleep just like everyone else in Canada!

Serves me right!

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