Friday, March 4, 2016

Proud of My Husband!

I was shocked when my husband arrived home at 4:15pm yesterday.  Technically his office day hours are 8am to 4pm, but he is rarely home before 6:30pm.  I thought he must be ill, but no, he made the decision to come home at a more reasonable time because he knew he was tired enough that he wouldn't accomplish much by staying a couple of more hours on the job.  YAY!  He was able to relax, have a rest, watch some tv, do some personal writing, eat his dinner slowly and peacefully and get to bed at a reasonable time.  He also set his alarm for 7am instead of 6:30am.  Result: he awoke refreshed and rested, ready to go to work this morning.  I felt like we had some time together in the evening, which improves my mood any evening of the week.  It was all good!

He has lost some weight, I can see that even though he hasn't weighed in yet for this week.  He is making a concerted effort to control his cholesterol, so I hope in another two months' time when he is tested again he will find it has paid off.

Over this past year he has realized at last that not only is he unable to be superman and get more done in a never ending job than can be expected, he is learning to accept it and finally to relax about it.  The person he and the Bishop thought would be able to come into the office to be my husband's assistant has had to turn down the job so he is still on his own with no other candidates around to consider at this point, but he is okay with it for the time being. I see the stress around the position starting to dissipate sufficently that he is happier and more relaxed.  Good for him!!  It would be so easy to be stressed and ill every minute of every day, buckling under the unreasonable load of work this position currently entails.  There simply isn't enough funding for his full time position to actually be full time. He has to also pastor a church part time for the sake of income. That is just the way it is.  He is figuring it out and so is feeling much better in general.  YAY! I broached the subject lately with my doctor of a possible return to work for me and she didn't bother to comment, just rolled her eyes and waggled her head like you would  to a small city child who has asked if she can have a horse to keep in the back yard.  Okay then...point taken.

Today I am geared up to start cleaning the suite.  Being able to split it into a 2 day chore makes it more relaxing.  Today I will clean downstairs.  I can spend as much time as I want making sure every nook and cranny is cleaned without wearing out my hip. Tomorrow I will do the upstairs.  It is a good way to spend a cloudy day...the sky is a deep dark grey that tells me we may get some snow or freezing rain before the day is over. I am glad my husband took the car to work today so that he can avoid walking home on an ice patch if we get freezing rain or mist.

So, off to clean.  I admit to truly enjoying dusting off the ornaments and pottery bowls that I use for decoration.  It adds to my enjoyment of them.  Spending so many years unable to afford any such things means I have intense pleasure now having so much pottery and so many framed art pieces and photos.  They are calming to look at.

Life is pretty good these days. My husband is sorting out his work issues, my parents are experiencing another time of calm with their health issues, my son is crazy busy and getting wonderful input about his teaching skills from his students and other staff and I am becoming more mobile/independent again.

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