Monday, March 21, 2016

Sweet Sleet

Wet snow mixed with rain is coming down so fast and thick I can hardly see across the street as I sit here eating my supper. It is gorgeous! It is one of the beauties of nature this time of year. I am slightly envious of my husband being out in it as he heads out to dinner with some new friends. I am going right now to get my coat so I can stand outside on the back deck and enjoy the downpour. Yay! Spring's a'comin'!

LATER: my hair is drenched with sleet, my toes are chilly, my fingers are puckering from scooping up the wet snow on the deck. I feel happy and carefree just from being outside enjoying this latest weather system that is threatening to drop over five centimetres of snow by morning. Because it is technically spring now, whatever snow we get will not last long and there will be a few more storms in early spring, I am guessing. Well, it isn't dark yet....think I will go stand outside for a few more minutes.

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