Friday, March 4, 2016

Taking a Quick Break

It has taken the better part of an hour just to clean the kitchen thoroughly. One thing I have learned from our myriad moves is that rooms as teeny as our present kitchen take the longest to clean properly. There are so many nooks and crannies, so many items that have to be left out in the open because there are simply not enough cupboards in which to store everything. Each of those exposed items has to be dusted or wiped down at least every second weekly cleaning. This morning it was the stack of frying pans and woks and splatter screens and serving platters and cutting boards and tea pots and tea canisters and hand held appliances that fill every shelf in the kitchen island. Next week I will be taking down all the bean pots and Dutch ovens and bamboo steamers and boxes that house other kitchen items that are only used on occasion; that fill the open space above the cupboards over the sink. That chore I dread because it is always such a mogey mess of dust and grime, despite the frequency with which I tackle the cleaning up there. I suspect that is where yesterday's guest spider was biding his time prior to his terrifying entrance!
I feel good about what I have accomplished despite being exhausted before I got started. Really happy to be able to take my time.
Wondering what my ECG is going to find in a few weeks' time.....
Okay, back to work!

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