Tuesday, March 29, 2016

The Joy (?) of Physiotherapy

Despite having to modify a few of my exercises to accommodate past injuries, I am noticing some positive changes in mobility and pain levels over the past 11 days of physio. Unfortunately there has been little change in either when I am climbing a flight of stairs. I haven't seen or felt significant change there in over three months of working steadily at improvement. It is rather discouraging....the pain and awkwardness of my climbing gait occurs at the site of the pin head. It is also the site of major discomfort still when I roll over onto that side in bed. Attempting to roll onto that side when doing floor exercises is impossible. I can do the rolling over with little problem, but cannot stay on that side for more than a second or two at most on any surface that is firmer than my bed mattress. Drat!

I will continue to work at climbing and roll overs between now and September when I see the surgeon again for my one year check up. I don't want to have the pin head removed! If the huge screw in my hip decides to start working itself out of the bone sometime in the future it will create more problems and surgeries. As much as I would like to be completely pain free now, I cannot face another surgery in the autumn. Blah!

On a happier note, it is a spectacular morning. We awoke to a temperature of +2C, not so much as an ice crystal on the car windshield to have to be scraped off when I run errands later this morning. Yay! There was some brilliant sunshine earlier that gives a feeling of new life, joy and serenity.

Although my husband was called into work today, he didn't have to go in until an hour later than usual, so he had a decent sleep overnight.

We rejoice in having such a great new neighbour on the other side of the wall. He had a ton of friends over to play board games the other night and despite some hollering out of scores and a few folk standing out on the porch to smoke, we heard very little from there. By midnight everyone was gone. They left quietly, so had we not still been up and moving ourselves we would never have heard them leave. If you have ever lived in shared accommodation buildings you will understand why this is such a big deal.

Time for a shower and getting on with my day. A few errands to run and some housework to do. Hopefully some company is coming over tomorrow or the next day. Looks like a fairly decent week ahead.

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