Monday, March 28, 2016

The Late Great Me!!

It is interesting what you can discover about yourself when searching the internet for various things.  

Tonight I stumbled across an ancestry website that had my name listed, along with some personal details pulled from whatever info could be scammed off the internet by people who do that sort of thing.

There wasn't anything there that could be used for ill, only the names of my husband and son and my date of birth, no big secrets, no harm done.

However, I did make one most amazing discovery: according to this particular site, I am deceased!! 

I had no idea.  

Apparently I must be living in some alternate universe at this point because the real me departed at some point in the past.  Wow...cue the theme from Jaws!!

Of course I must actually be deceased because, you know, everything you read on the interweb is true....right??

Nyaa haa haa..........................BOO!!! 

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