Tuesday, March 22, 2016

The Long Wait For Winter is Over!

Well, it took nearly six months, but actual winter weather has arrived at last, as the spring season begins. Ho! Ho! Ho! About five cm. of snow came down overnight and the hours worth of howling winds coming out of the east set up a drift so high outside our back door that my husband had a difficult time pushing it open without breaking the hinges. The door was frozen shut. A coating of ice on top of the snow made it even more difficult to move that door. He finally got it open sufficiently to squeeze himself outside onto the deck to get the shovel. The shovel and broom were so covered in ice it wasn't easy to hang onto them while clearing off the deck and steps. They are now beside the furnace in the basement to thaw them. All the windows on the east side of the building are so covered in ice we cannot see through them. The city has apparently not cut into their nearly untouched snow removal budget from this winter because the cars going past on the main street outside are crawling and crunching along. It is a day that is both spectacular to look at and ugly to deal with. Our car is an ice cube at the moment, with a mound of snow on top like marshmallow topping on a mug of hot chocolate. My husband will go out this afternoon and dig it out, clean it off and try to prepare it to take to work tomorrow, when it will require more work to get it out of the parking lot.

Happy spring everybody! It's two...two...two seasons in one!

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