Thursday, March 24, 2016

The Real Thing!

Part of the prayer for today from my little book says this:

"Lord, I am so tired of imitations. It's hard to tell what is true any more......I want the real thing......"

That is how I feel about a lot of things these days. In so many areas of life I don't know what is real and what is just another shade of grey, or just an imitation,  or even a lie.

Think about the areas of life where you feel unsure these days: friendships, health, church community, work colleagues, job descriptions, relationships with family,  your own feelings, the reasons you keep your present job, etc.

I have started to meditate and pray on these and other areas of my life where I am not sure the full truth is winning out, where I am not sure my feelings are real and deep, where I am concerned that my own ability to discern is failing me.

Sometimes it is good to step back and rethink life, hang onto what is fulfilling and real and let go of all the imitations and lies.

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