Tuesday, March 15, 2016

The Snow Is Snowing All Around Us But So Far.....We are OK!

Just got off the phone with friends from our former parish who had a marvellous vacation in Antigua a few weeks ago. They also emailed us some of their trip photos, enticing shots of long strips of white beaches and blue, blue water, swimming with stingrays....oh, just lovely.

As we hung up the phone I looked outside and saw the predicted snowflakes beginning to drift down.  So far there isn't a lot going on out there, just the occasional flake falling from dark grey clouds in the sky.  Our friends live about 5 hours to the northwest of us and only received about 2 or 3 centimeters of the white stuff.  I would love to be that fortunate...or even more so....here.

We are due for a mighty spring storm of some kind over the next month to 6 weeks and I would like to just get it over with if indeed it is going to happen.  I am looking ahead to our travel schedule over that period of time and praying like 10 bears it can happen before we are on the road anywhere very far from the city.  Blecch! Pooey!  We have been thoroughly spoiled this winter season and likely could use the moisture a good heavy wet snow would bring.  As long as it doesn't bring down the power lines......always a concern.

It is fascinating to be looking one second at photos of a tropical paradise and then the next to be looking at winter weather outside.  

These same friends are heading to the Maritimes toward the end of May and will be gone for nearly 3 months.  O how I do envy them that trip across Canada.  Haven't done it ourselves for several decades and we are all ready looking forward to seeing their photos.  It is really fun for us to be able to "armchair travel" through our friends' trips.

Today we are trying to set up our own short trip to Vancouver in June as part of our annual holidays.  Not sure if it is going to work out or not, but we need to get things booked right away, if we are going, before the prices go any higher for air fares and accommodations.  The price of the place we usually stay out there has about tripled since we were there 2 years ago, so we are on the hunt for something a bit less posh and a bit less expensive. "Good luck toTO us", is how I think it is going to go. haha

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