Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Update on Casey

Below is the latest update from Casey's family.  The lack of oxygen from his lung problem created the assumption that there would be brain damage.  This has been the greatest fear, apart from the fear that he would not survive at all.  Here is the result of today's MRI:
"The MRI that Casey received today was for doctors to take an in-depth, detailed look at all the different areas of his brain that the CT scan couldn't provide.

4 doctors looked over the results and came out to meet with us. 

They only said one word:


This is even greater evidence of God's AMAZING healing and protection over our little boy. 10 days ago we were told that there was very little reason to hope. On paper, as one doctor said, "this doesn't happen."
What a gift the incredible team of doctors and nurses here have been!

Now we wait for his lungs to be ready for breathing on their own."

YAY!!!!!  The power of prayer strikes grateful to the Lord for this "yes!" answer.

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