Saturday, March 12, 2016

Updates on Casey and Eli

I am waiting for more updates this evening but here is the latest news I have:

--Casey was to be taken off the ventilator at midnight last night to start giving his lungs a chance to finish clearing out the mucous and working stronger on their own.  Waiting to hear how he made out. The first time it was tried, last week, he only lasted about 4 hours before the oxygen had to be reintroduced.  Should find out later today what happened.

--Eli and I talked last evening and he is very ill indeed.  His sinuses are once again draining into his lungs, he can't get his breath properly and he has night fevers with hallucinations, just like the last time he had pneumonia. I encouraged him STRONGLY to get to the walk in clinic this morning. It is only 4 blocks away from his home and considering his considerable mental strength to push through very bad health issues when they happen, I think he could make it there even without help.  They have his records from the last time this happened.  A good friend of mine suggested he enquire about getting a pneumonia shot once he is healthy again. When he recovers I will ask him to check it out and see if it is possible now that he has pneumonia a second time.

I will pass on more when I know more.  I am calling Eli again this evening to find out what is going on and if he isn't listening to reason about getting help then one of us is going to seriously consider flying to Vancouver tomorrow and forcing the issue.  For those of you who do not know how very ill he was last time, as well as his level of stubborness, one of us going out there is not the overreaction it may appear to be.

Thanks for caring about these two fellows, a baby a few weeks old and an adult of nearly 36 years, who is stubbornly independent to the point of self harm.

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