Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Warming Up Once Again

After a very cold drive to and from the funeral yesterday and more chilly grey skies this morning, our afternoon is ending with bright sunshine and a start of the return to unseasonable warmth. YAY!

The funeral was lovely.  O how I love the Anglican service. It is succinct, Christ honouring and Father Dean gave a lovely homily about how we can be quick to accept Jesus as The Truth, but often ignore the fact that he is also The Way that guides us in how to live our lives.  Despite singing four hymns, the service was not very long.  I so enjoyed being able to acknowledge how much the deceased meant to me personally and to be able to sing again with the church choir that was such a blessing and encouragement to me during one of the most painful times in my life.  It was wonderful to see old friends once again before we had to leave for home.

The roads were perfectly dry and despite the cold air, there was no snow or ice anywhere to contend with.  It is like early spring at the moment...still chilly but only a few skiffs of hardened snow and ice in the deepest recesses of shady areas that receive little sun at the best of times.  Amazing!

We had a most expensive meal in Moose Jaw.  We returned to our old haunt, Bobby's Olde World Tavern and it was as delicious as ever, but o my...way too expensive for the amount of food we got.  Since we can't eat the fries any more we asked for salads instead and were charged an extra two dollars + for each of them on top of an all ready overpriced burger.  That was disappointing, but still it was very, very tasty.  They have just opened a new outlet here in Regina, but we are not sure we will bother going there to eat. Bushwakkers has great food, bigger portions and lower prices so it will be tempting to remain there and not bother trying Bobby's, which is just a block or two away from there.  O well, 'tis done now and it certainly tasted good...until we got the bill, that is. haha

Today was grocery shopping day for me.  As it happened, nearly everything I needed to purchase for the next couple of weeks was either on sale or else gave me a huge number of PC points.  She shoots, she scores.....for once! haha  March is a terribly tight month financially every year because there are five weeks between pay days, so it is good we had our expensive meal out all ready. That is it for this month. A couple of far more inexpensive meals out will have to be sufficient for this month.  I more than doubled my PC point balance this morning, so will be able to cash those in toward my "closer to the end of the month" load of groceries. YAY!

This afternoon I accompanied my husband as he ran some of his own errands. That included, as usual, a lot of sitting in the car time for me because after the first two hardware or electronics stores I have had enough.  The afternoon sun was so lovely I quite enjoyed having an excuse to sit in the car basking in the warmth.

One thing he bought was a 6 pack of freshly made larger pitas with which I will make pizzas for dinner tonight.  I have some very fresh salad produce for a big salad to go with them.  It will be delicious, even though I can only eat half a pita due to the high carb count.  My husband was delighted that the pitas have 0% fats and very low sodium so they are good for him to enjoy.  He is doing quite well I think on his low fat diet and a few pounds seem to be slipping off fairly easily. He is too scared to weigh himself  just yet.  In another week's time he will do that.

So far I have not heard from my doctor requesting follow up from my lab tests last week. If there is no word by tomorrow I should be safe to wait to see her at a scheduled appointment in 10 days' time.  Let's hope!! My poor kidneys took quite a beating from the drug allergy nearly 3 years ago now and occasionally give me a bit of grief that needs keeping an eye on. My liver has certainly recovered, but it is still sensitive and I know within an hour if I have eaten too much fat at a meal.  It is a good watchdog.  That allergy certainly left a mess in its wake.

Tomorrow I am going to be taking the transit bus for the first time since last August, a week before I broke my hip.  Twice previously I have thought I would be riding it downtown, but one time was cancelled due to horrible weather and my husband was available to drive me to my appointment the second time. FINALLY I get my chance to be completely independent getting around without the car or a ride from someone else.  My hair is in bad need of a cut, so I was very happy to call today and get in all ready tomorrow.  I will be very near Zam Zam Wraps at lunchtime....drat, I will just have to force myself to eat a chicken shwarma salad, teehee.

Mom and Dad are doing very well, recovering from the exhaustion that is a result of all the health fears and damages last week.  I am grateful that Dad has bounced back and that Mom seems to be coping better than usual having him home again.  Dad had a doctor's appointment yesterday so tonight I will give him a call and see how it went.  Their building is still under lock down as a few more residents came down with this virulent illness, but the majority of sufferers have recovered and there have been no new cases in the past 3 days.

Guess I had better go and start creating those dinner pizzas. My husband has a vestry meeting this evening...in less than 2 hours actually, so he needs to eat soon.
Hope you all had a great day today!

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