Tuesday, March 22, 2016

We Are Officially Elderly

Our next door neighbour's back door was so frozen earlier this morning he had to take his shovel and go out the front door, walk all the way around the building and shovel his way through the icy snow on his back steps and deck so he could melt the ice around his back door with a cigarette lighter. It hasn't been completely successful and he continues to sprint back and forth around the building trying various means to get his door all the way open.

In the process he also shovelled the snow along our personal front step and walkway. When I stepped outside to thank him he said it was no problem because he enjoys being able to assist the "seniors" in the complex when he has a chance. I smiled to myself and refrained from mentioning that my fellow "senior" husband was able to get our back door open himself and without the use of cigarette lighters,  blow dryers and other devices requiring the use of less than brute strength. haha

I like this neighbour.....even though he makes us feel as old as Methuselah. haha!

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