Tuesday, March 15, 2016

What Were We Thinking??????

We did a "bad" thing about 2 hours ago.  Sigh....

We had some bills to pay, so late this afternoon off we went to do that little chore.  BUT then we did the "bad thing".

We received a small financial gift the other day in the mail and it was designated for some "treats" by the donor.  Ummmm....we spent the entire amount on one BIG treat: a wonderful prime rib and maple bourbon haddock meal at Chop. Big, satiated sigh.....

Talk about an unplanned expenditure, but for such a satisfying meal.  We hadn't held out a lot of hope to be honest.  We happened to be driving by and my husband had all ready said he wanted to eat out, thinking we would go to one of our usual haunts, but the best of them is the India Palace buffet and neither of us was in the mood for Indian food tonight.  We noticed Chop as we were about to drive past the entrance and nearly caused an accident as my husband swung the car sharply over across two lanes of traffic to get there.  I was surprised to find myself there because he had just told me he wasn't interested in going to a chain restaurant and yet.....in we went, him complaining all the way about how he just knew we were going to be ripped off by yet another expensive chain restaurant.

Perhaps it is because the place is still relatively new, but it is very well appointed with heavy oak table tops, lots of black upholstery, coppery overhead hanging lights and a decent amount of space between the booths and tables for privacy of discussion. Everything still looks clean and unmarked so far, so that always makes it a more pleasurable experience for me, whatever kind of restaurant it is. The only jarring note in the decor was a series of wall hangings: antique meat hooks and cleavers...somewhat startling to see while awaiting a meal in an otherwise well appointed venue.

My husband had the maple/bourbon haddock: too sweet so the bourbon flavour was almost missing, but the fish was well cooked and tasty with the rice pilaf and the vegetable combo of broccolini, still nice and crispy, plus winter squash that was cooked so perfectly that the squash skin was even edible.  It was salty delicious.

I opted for the "petite" prime rib.  Well, it was not my idea of petite. It was a 6 oz. HUNK of the most perfectly medium rare beef I have had in years.  Yummmmm....  I also opted for the mixed veggies instead of wasabi infused mashed potatoes because my half of the whole wheat mini loaf of bread served before the meal would have contained most of my dinner time carb count.  My veggie medley also included half a stuffed roma tomato...salty bread crumbles that were toasted to a satisfying crunchiness.  The meal was SO delicious!!  

I had no business eating the entire 6 oz. of beef all at one meal and at the moment I feel like I have a rubber tire around my middle from being so very full, but o it was worth it.  I also enjoyed very much one of their 3 mini sized desserts: the teensiest creme brulet I have ever seen in my life, served in a demi tasse cup with raspberry syrup singed into the burnt sugar, with half a strawberry and a buttery, non-sweet short bread style biscuit on the side.  My husband and I finished it all off in short order...shocking even the waitress by how quickly we ate it. hahahaha Well, there wasn't much there for 2 adults who never did learn to eat slowly! haha

SO now I have an evening to fill with some marching up and down on the spot, as well as a couple of house chores I would have left for tomorrow if I didn't need so badly to wear off a few calories before bedtime tonight!!

Urp...how do you spell "heaven on earth"?  I think it must be spelled: p-r-i-m-e  r-i-b!

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