Saturday, March 12, 2016

Yay For Eli

Good news from my son: he went first thing this morning to the walk in clinic where his medical records are kept.  It was very busy in there so they told him what time to return and while he was waiting he dragged his fever down the street to a grocery store for more food and drink to take home.

His doctor's first words when he entered the examining room were, "You look AWFUL!!".  Those are actually the right words to hear if you want a walk in clinic doctor to take your needs seriously on such a busy day, so Eli was glad he looked as bad as he felt.  His temperature was very high, but within the time frame of the exam furious sweating began, and his fever actually broke before the doctor sent him home with a normal temperature.  The doctor told him he had come at a good time, before his lungs got too full of mucous, so my son left with a prescription for some strong antibiotics and a spray for his aching, inflamed sinuses.  The doctor told him, in no uncertain terms, that if his fever comes up again he is not to wait more than one day before returning to the clinic for more help.  When Eli called me to let me know about his experience, he sounded like he had returned to Planet Earth, back from the edge of the hallucinations he was starting to experience about the time I called him last night.

So, he will rest for today and this evening. Tomorrow he will spend as much time as he comfortably can completing the preparation for the final assignment for his painting students.  He promised that he will do no more than go to class and give them the assignment before coming home for more rest on  Monday.  Part of the problem last time is that he began his normal activities long before he was healed sufficiently and ended up so very ill.  It seems he has learned his lesson after all.

Although.....I am guessing the threat I gave him last night about one of us flying out there tomorrow if he didn't go for help today may have motivated him to become more sensible.....ya' think???? teehee  He may be an adult, but parental threats can still have a positive effect.......nyah ha ha.......

He has expressed deep gratitude for everyone's prayers.  And his dad and I also thank you very, very much.

Now, to await another update about Casey........ 

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