Tuesday, March 15, 2016


My husband and I have our time in Vancouver booked during our annual holiday time later this spring.  Plane tickets, accommodation, signed , sealed, delivered. All we have left to do is book the rental car. We are SO excited!! Our son is excited!! It is all good!! It is always amazing to me how having a trip to look forward to raises the spirits and makes all the daily life and work stresses in the meantime seem bearable, fun even.

We have been talking about our holidays for the last few days, but this morning our favourite airline company sent out an email with very good fares. That was the catalyst we needed to get busy researching possible accommodations. I am grateful for my husband's clear head as we looked at place after place, comparing prices with provided services, reading reviews, wondering what compromises could be made in order to secure a somewhat affordable price. It took awhile, but we are booked in for nine nights. We were able to get direct flights both ways, a rare thing as there are very few direct flights between the two cities. Yay!

The sad thing today is that my husband received word one of our elderly parishioners is not doing well. His family called the pastoral care team and so my husband has gone to see the gentleman this afternoon. His wife passed away a few months ago and he has been unhappy. Such a difficult time in life.

Once my husband returns we have to go straighten out some more license issues, this time in regard to his motorcycle license. There are several new levels of accident insurance coverage now. He either has to pick a plan and subsequently put up the annual cost of our vehicle insurance, or decide to let the motorcycle license go. It has been a few years now since we have owned or driven bikes, so maybe it is time to let it lapse.

I have an invitation for lunch out tomorrow. Yay! Really looking forward to it. I have been getting to know this parishioner over the past year and find her delightful. She is honest, very straight forward and a lot of fun.

Thursday evening we are invited to an Irish stew dinner at the home of some other parishioners. This is such a friendly parish, so inclusive of the pastor and his wife. We really appreciate their friendship. It sounds like it will be a lot of fun.

Friday is tea time with a new friend I made at choir. Her best friend attends our church. Losing out on those two friendships was one of the reasons I struggled with dropping out, but that has not happened. Whew! I am so grateful.

Saturday I may actually get some work done around here, teehee

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