Saturday, March 12, 2016

Yup, The Owls ARE Working, I Just Didn't Wait Long Enough For It To Happen

Yesterday I saw the pair of geese who have been sidestepping and posturing and squawking the past few days.  I saw them down at the other end of our parking lot drinking their fill from a puddle there.  They remained down that way for most of the day and never once came near our end of the complex.  It is working out the way the retail hunter man said it probably would.  YAY!

I am grateful to my husband's brother in law who gave us the idea in the first place and for the others who also know such things that confirmed what he said and for the retail hunter guy who told me to have patience while I waited to see if the owls would be effective or not.

It is all good. 

With a Whoo Whoo here and a Whoo Whoo there.........

1 comment:

chris e. said...

Probably best to move the owls every few days, even just a little bit, lest the geese learn to ignore them. You could have some real fun with a clothesline pulley!