Saturday, April 2, 2016

A +22C High Today

Wow, five degrees higher than predicted! Even at that there is a chill in the shade under the trees.  As I suspected, the seven day forecast makes today an anomaly. Over the next week our day time highs range anywhere from +3C to +12C. After today, tomorrow's high of only +6C is going to feel downright chilly! 

Guess I will take advantage of my husband's presence on Monday to start hauling tubs from the basement and making the winter/spring wardrobe exchange. Since the temperature will still be below zero overnight for at least the next week, I will keep a few warmer sweaters and pants in the closet for the cooler days. I am determined I will not get a cold this spring by putting on the lighter clothes too soon. I won't, I won't, I won't!!

Now, if we can just get any impending, surprise spring storms out of the way before, (or even after), our next two road trips this month I will be very, very happy!

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