Monday, April 4, 2016

A Marvellous Afternoon with Winsome Kind

All yesterday's personal emotional drama aside, the rest of the day was fantastic!!

It began with some fiery preaching from Canon Catherine at our church service and a chance to bond some more with the ladies in the congregation who sang together in our impromptu choir.  I had a nice visit with one of the wardens who drove me to and from the service.  She is a gracious and positive lady, very professional and so, so kind.

My husband had a successful ministry at another church and was pretty amped up when he got home, despite being so tired.  We made a tasty lunch with some minced turkey and fresh bread and then we headed over to my husband's cousin's home for a house concert with visiting Vancouver duo Winsome Kind.

What a glorious afternoon of adult folk music.  Leora Joy's voice blended so perfectly with the voice of her husband, Scott Perrie, that it was like having 2 laid down pre-recorded tracks playing simultaneously.  The lyrics were moving and sometimes witty, Scott's musicianship on acoustic guitar and harmonica quite fabulous.  Seeing them working together, with Leora Joy so willing to subdue her incredible, classically trained solo voice in order to feature her husband's talents was really a wonderful testament to how a husband and wife can work together without being in competition with one another.  They are an amazing pair of singer/songwriters.  We thoroughly enjoyed both their sets, as well as the visiting with new aquaintances and eating the hosts' home made iced cream, along with a variety of snacks brought in by the other guests.

The intimacy of house concerts cannot be beaten.  Had we been at a concert in another venue such as a hall, theater or even church basement, the quarters would not have been as close and the spontaneity of conversation among people who didn't all know each other would have had less chance of happening.  The addition of Winsome Kind's small baby, who arrived with grandpa during the final song just made us all feel a part of their lives in a very special way.  I have always loved house concerts because you cannot feel completely removed from the entertainers.  You feel very welcomed into their lives, even for such a scant few hours.

Some questions were answered for me about returning to choir in the fall.  After the morning church service, I ran into the woman visiting one of the other congregations who is going to be the new director now that the present director has resigned.  She is quite wonderful and has been a member of the choir for quite a few years, so she knows the personalities of the participants.  A possible change of practise time may make it much easier for me to go regularly to rehearsals.  When we arrived at the house concert, there she was again and her welcome equally warm.  Several other choir members were there and we greeted each other like long lost relatives. The present choir director was also in attendance, the first time I have seen or talked to him since I left the choir. He and I had a postive conversation and I left the concert feeling very much more at peace about the whole experience.  Yes, if the practise times work out for me, I think I do need to return in September.  With the new director there is more of a peace that seems to be descending on the group. She is not as frantically busy with other choirs and has more time to devote to make us a far more cohesive singing group. It was great fun to get caught up with the lives of the other choir members I saw.

So, in the midst of the melt downs and stress, some really good things happened yesterday.  Those are the things to concentrate on now!

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