Sunday, April 10, 2016

Brrrr...Chatter Chatter Brrrrr......

This morning we have light snow and howling winds.  Various highways around us and to the north, where we were supposed to be driving this afternoon to get to a birthday party 4 hours away, are beginning to report ice and snow cover. is the final nail in the coffin for our attendance at the Eston party.  My husband also has a previously unannounced meeting with the bishop and wardens after the baptism and confirmation service this morning that would make us late getting away anyway.

It is just one of "those" days. The excitement of the baptism and the disappointment of missing out on a social event we have been looking forward to with great anticipation.

Life happens........we do have great peace though about staying off the roads when they are not in great condition, the weather is unpredictable and my husband is all ready very tired.  

Life happens....with all its pros and cons.

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