Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Despite the Crappy Weather.....

....my husband is definitely doing his exercise today! We looked at our list of errands and decided every single one of them can wait for a better weather day, so we are not going out, BUT he is currently trudging up and down both flights of steps with a fifty pound back pack so he can not only work on weight loss, but also on his general fitness for his upcoming mountain and canoe trips.  I think he is newly inspired by an email he received this morning from another well seasoned hiker who is a great boon to any climbing group.  The fellow will be joining in at least two of the four planned trips this year. YAY!!

I have a ton of wrinkled spring clothing that needs to be ironed now that it has been taken out of the tubs and the warmest of my winter wear folded and put away in them instead.  What a relief to need only another pair of better walking shoes and an additional pair of summer pants to replace two pair I eliminated from the closet after unpacking everything.  Talk about a cheap spring shopping trip this time around. YAY!  I wouldn't even need the shoes if I could convince myself to get over my paranoia and keep the Naots, but they are in the bottom of a bag of things for the thrift store.  I can't face putting them on again and if that means something is wrong with me, I don't even care. Someone will be thrilled to find a good quality pair of shoes that has barely been worn.

Well, off to attack some of that ironing as apparently nothing else is going to happen today away from the suite.  I can't say I'm all that sorry. Beside the wet and greyness it is also rather chilly outside and the wind is getting up.  It is actually a grand day to just stay put inside.

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