Saturday, April 2, 2016

Did You Know......

....that gin and tonic with a peanut butter sandwich is to die for?  

Nope, make that to die FROM!!

Oh, blecch!  Hack, hack, cough!  Pooey!  Yuckko!!  Blah!!!

What I don't know about alcoholic beverages would fill an encyclopaedia, (and if you are under the age of 50, "google" that word to find out what it is), but I learned something today, that is for sure!  

Oooh, mouthwash please!!!  Aaaaccckk!!

That is a mistake I won't make twice!!!

Aiiiii yiiiii.....!!!!!!!!!! 

On a happier note I did get the suite completely cleaned today and cleaned well!  Yay!  A "once over lightly" before my Thursday company arrives from out of town and all will be well.  Since my husband is going to get his regular days off this week after all, I won't have to spend those days cleaning around him and annoying him no end.  What a great way to spend a long, otherwise dreary day at home alone.  I decided that since I now have a hair appt. at Cornwall Centre on Wednesday I would skip my trip out in the warm sunshine today in favour it tidying up this cess pool of a suite. So glad I did.  Everything looks sparkly and clean, my favourite state of life at home.

It is +16C outside at the moment.  Tomorrow won't be quite as lovely but that is okay.  I can sit outside on the back deck for the rest of this afternoon if I want to and read my book...if I feel like battling the new crop of spring spiders that just love to be in my space out there.  Hmmmmm...maybe I will just stay inside.  Days like this are deceptive: the sun is warm and the slight breeze is pretty mild as well but underneath there is still a chill and the air certainly doesn't have its new spring odor yet.  Being outside today in a teeshirt and capris is an invitation to a spring cold and 'flu, since this temperature rise isn't going to last. I have learned the hard way that it is best to start wearing the spring clothing and spending time outdoors on a slow and steady basis.  A few minutes on the first warm day, a few more the next time it is warm like this and once we have a whole week of warmth on the horizon, THEN it is safe to relax and enjoy being outside for long periods of time.

I think I will go and dump out the rest of my gin and tonic.  It tastes absolutely scuzzy water from an abandoned well.  It was fine prior to the peanut butter sandwich.  What a waste, but I can't possibly face that flavour any more today.  I will get a bottle of water and put some flavouring in for a treat instead. Whoopee....

Just remembered I have to make a dessert to offer the other guests at the house concert we are attending tomorrow.  Better get that done right away before the exhaustion from cleaning hits me.  My hip was terribly sore again today after the last 5 days of physio and cleaning house turned out to be a great way to eliminate the pain without overdoing the stretching of those particularly sore muscles. 

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