Friday, April 8, 2016

I Don't Mind Staying Home Today Doing Laundry Because Yesterday Was So Fulfilling!

I was so happy to see my friend from Moose Jaw yesterday.  She is the kind of person who always has interesting things to discuss.  We seem to understand each other well, particularly in the area of the spiritual.  It was such a good visit that we were paying no attention to the time.  Before we knew it over two and a half hours had flown by...amazing!!  

She gave me some good ideas to think about today while I do some laundry and ironing.  Every time we visit she challenges me, not usually on purpose, with new things to consider about my walk with the Lord.  We talk about many other things of importance to us both, but those spiritual challenges are a special something I always look forward to.  It is a completely two way conversation, obviously something I have been craving lately around here, hahaha.

Like me, she doesn't get to spend much time driving back and forth between our two towns, so it is extra special when one of us is able to make that effort to be able to talk in person.

Thank you my friend and I am also grateful for the good weather and roads that permitted our visit.

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