Monday, April 4, 2016

My Friend Cay.....

....could use some prayers for comfort and strength.  In the past week her husband has been fighting pneumonia, her long time neighbour was rushed to hospital with a serious medical condition that means Cay will be called upon more than once to help out, unexpected company descended upon her household and it is causing some problems and she discovered her rental tenant dead in his suite when she went to collect his rent. In the midst of all this stress and angst she is supposed to be planning a major church related event, along with her currently very ill husband; an event for which they are responsible for feeding all the attendees. The event is coming up very soon and to say there has been no time to complete the planning is an understatement.  Cay feels like she is losing her mind.  Prayers for a clear head, time to complete necessary tasks and healing for her husband so he can help her, for emotional healing from finding her tenant deceased, for strength to deal with all the neighbour's issues and to handle the house company with honesty and grace...she really needs the support.
Thank you so much on her behalf for positive thoughts and prayers for her and her husband.

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