Thursday, April 7, 2016

News About Casey

Casey has been doing quite well in the couple of weeks since he was released from hospital, but his lungs are still having to work far too hard as he breathes. So, he is returning to hospital for some tests to see if the long time on the ventilator did some damage, or if he perhaps has a blockage somewhere in his airways. He will be put through every possible test until the source if the ongoing difficulty is discovered, including a somewhat invasive surgery if the other tests show no problems. His family continues to trust God for the life of this teeny weeny boy and are asking for a few more prayers while  this last hurdle is dealt with and overcome.  They may move themselves into the Ronald McDonald House beside the hospital for awhile to be near him and to allow Casey some release time between tests to be with his family.
Yay Team Casey! Bless you all for praying, Casey remains cheerful and sweet despite all he has endured.

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