Saturday, April 16, 2016

NO!!! Not the Broccoli!!!???!

My husband has developed a new food sensitivity...sigh....after several experiments to discover what he has been ingesting over the past while that has made him so ill and miserable, we have discovered broccoli and its family members to be the culprits. you realize how many vegetables that now elminates from his diet??  No broccoli, no cauliflower, no cabbage and once a reaction has begun from one of those he cannot eat cucumber either.

So, on top of the kolrabi he started reacting to a couple of years ago we now have quite a list of other new sensitivities to be avoided at all costs.

He hasn't been able to eat any corn or corn products for several decades, about six years ago we had to add beets and beet greens to the list, now all these delicious veggies also have to go.

In the midst of our wonderful visit with my cousin and his wife at noon yesterday, my husband had to excuse himself and lie down until the aching stomach and the dizziness passed.  Then I drove him to work for a mid afternoon meeting while I scurried around paying bills before returning to his office to pick him up after the meeting and bring him home again.  He had a good rest and then did some work from home last evening before an early bed time.

This morning he was up at 6:30am as usual, managed to eat his simple breakfast without any least not before he left home...and was at the office by 7:30am to complete preparation for a day long meeting with the diocesan committee.  I sent him a very plain lunch to eat in case he is unable to eat what is going to be provided by the ladies at the church where they are meeting today.  Last night he had a soft boiled egg and a slice of lightly buttered toast for dinner and even that didn't sit totally well for him.  He was fine before bedtime but that poor man....what next is he not going to be able to eat???  Our son has the same reactions to that same broccoli/cauliflower food group but he has had it since he was a small child, so has managed to build his life around the elimination of all of them from his diet.  I think it is even more difficult and upsetting for such changes to have to occur in middle to older age.  My husband all ready has to avoid every trace of corn product and oats, as well as coffee....really difficult to do on the prairies...and now on top of having to cut out so many other foods to lower his skyrocketing cholesterol, he loses some of his favourite veggies. 

O my.....don't know how we will do in the city this coming week as circumstances dictate way too many restauarant and deli food meals....aiiii yiiiii....what a boring food pair we are becoming.  All the fun is going out of eating it seems, that is for sure.

Old age and infirmity.....blecch!!!

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