Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Not An Inspiring Day!

Woke up this morning to the sound of rain teeming down upon the roof. The vehicles passing by sounded so splooshy, the tires even sounded sodden. By this afternoon the raindrops will be turning to flakes of snow if the forecast holds...not really providing inspiration for my husband to pull his face out of the computer screen to run a few errands.  Sigh! He is struggling so hard to maintain his discipline to exercise and lose weight. What a sad time of it he is having. The doctor will not be impressed at the end of this month when the next appointment occurs. My husband has been more disciplined about his cholesterol, but without a more severe weight loss I am in some doubt he will be able to refrain from taking the meds. When I think of a daily medication schedule for HIM all I can see is a daily new regimen for ME to have to remember FOR him, haha. O how I pray he can force himself to get moving even when he is so tired.

IF I can get him going at some point today, we will go to one of the local hunting/fishing outlets and pick up a vial of wolf urine to spread on the pathway between our back door and car. The owls have done a spectacular job in keeping all the geese away, but for one young mating pair who pick up seeds off the ground the sparrows have dropped from a neighbour's feeder. Slowly they are working their way back over to the end of our path closest to the parking lot, although he still plants himself between her and the owls and makes threatening noises and postures. Totally hilarious to watch, but they are leaving poo again at that end of the path. My husband can't abide that, so hopefully he will be motivated today to come with me to the store.

My physiotherapist called yesterday and agreed I do need another 21 days on most of this current set of exercises. Yay! He did add one more that will be difficult to be comfortable enough to do as it requires laying on top of the pin head. He said I could lay on my bed mattress if all else failed.

So, off to exercise, shower and get about my day's errands, with or without my husband.

PS to my Island friend: it was delightful to hear your voice this morning, even if you did reach me because you pressed the wrong button on your speed dial, hahahaha!

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